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The Organization

In 2010, PictureTheWorld was founded as a fundraising platform directed towards serving children around the world.

Its mission: To create a movement that will visually translate to the idea of every individual becoming integrated into a community for the advancement of their very own relationship, whereby individuality yields to a common ideal and a common goal of serving children around the world.

The object of the concept is to provide a photo-mosaic composition wherein individual participants submit one source image to be used in compiling an overall photo mosaic image—what will, with enough participation, become the world’s largest photo mosaic. Currently, the world’s largest photo mosaic is composed using 112,896 photos. So, obviously, our goal is to receive at least 112,897 photos.
All collected funds go towards beneficiaries which have been analyzed and determined to hold the most efficient potential for the donations—where the money is put towards a tangible outcome.

PictureTheWorld was founded by Alex Darrow, and is fiscally sponsored by Cultural Media Services, Inc. For more information about Cultural Media Services, please visit

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