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    1. What should submitted pictures be of? While we prefer submitted pictures be of contributors themselves (close-up pictures, or self-portrait photographs, work best), there is no theme to the pictures.
    2. How do I donate to PictureTheWorld without submitting a photo?Donating to PictureTheWorld without submitting a photo is easy. Please simply write a check to Cultural Media Services, Inc., indicate that the donation is intended for PictureTheWorld, and mail it to: 413 Western Drive #15 Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3078
    3. What percentage of my donation goes towards the beneficiaries after administrative fees are taken into account?The percentage of each donation that goes towards the beneficiaries depends on three things: (1) how much you donate, (2) the number of total participants, and (3) the average donation amount. If all participants only donate the minimum of five dollars, then the total overhead percentage is projected at twenty-nine percent, meaning that roughly seventy-one percent of all donations go towards the beneficiaries. However, if the average donation amount is ten dollars, then the total overhead percentage is projected at twenty percent, in which case eighty percent of all donations go towards the beneficiaries.
    4. What are PictureTheWorld’s administrative fees used for?PictureTheWorld’s administrative fees include: (1) the PayPal fee for each transaction, (2) the ten percent of each donation that pays for our fiscal sponsor, Cultural Media Services, Inc., and (3) PictureTheWorld’s direct expenses, including the physical mosaic print and information technology systems.
  • PictureTheWorld is fiscally sponsored by Cultural Media Services, Inc. What does this mean?Being fiscally sponsored means that we receive our legal and tax-exempt status from a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In PictureTheWorld’s case, Cultural Media Services provides us with legal and tax-exempt status, and handles all of our tax-related issues.
  • What organizations will receive donations from PictureTheWorld?The organizations that will receive donations from PictureTheWorld can be found at the [intlink id=”8″ type=”page”]Our Friends[/intlink] page.
  • How can I join PictureTheWorld’s movement?If you are interested in joining PictureTheWorld’s movement, please contact us at Let us know a little about yourself, and how you may be able to help PictureTheWorld.