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Terms and Conditions

In the following Terms and Conditions, the Project shall refer to PictureTheWorld only. The Photo shall refer to any photo submitted to PictureTheWorld during its official operation. The Mosaic refers to the final composition, both physical and not, of all eligible photos, as provided for by PictureTheWorld.

    1. Photo may not include any brand names, logos, advertising or other commercial elements other than those related to the approved sponsors listed on the “Our Friends” page of the Website. Photos must be in jpeg format (jpg, jpeg, JPG, or JPEG). You may submit as many photos as you wish, but each Photo must be uploaded separately with an additional donation each time you donate.
    2. Eligible photos will be uploaded into the mosaic on the Website. When your Photo is added to the Mosaic, it will be important that you remember the information submitted when you uploaded your photo, as it can be used as a reference at the Website to help you locate your submitted Photo on the Home page of PictureTheWorld’s official website.
    3. Participation is open to legal residents of the United States who are at or above the legal age of majority in their state of residence (age 21 in Mississippi, age 19 in Alabama and Nebraska, and age 18 in all other states).
  • PictureTheWorld reserves the right in their absolute discretion, to reject any Photo which it deems to contain objectionable or offensive content without any donation refund. All Photos become the exclusive property of PictureTheWorld and will not be returned. PictureTheWorld will have the unrestricted right to use, not use, transfer, alter, publish, print or display your Photos on any PictureTheWorld website or otherwise, and may grant any or all such rights to its agents, affiliates or designated third parties, without your further approval or any compensation to you.
  • Each Photo will be subject to the terms and conditions of PictureTheWorld’s Terms and Conditions for websites operated by PictureTheWorld.
  • By submitting a Photo, and in consideration of receiving the opportunity to have the Photo included in the Mosaic:
    • You represent that (i) you are eligible to participate in this offer, (ii) you have the unrestricted right to submit the Photo, (iii) the Photo complies with these Terms and Conditions, (iv) the Photo does not infringe any third party rights or interests, and (v) the Photo does not contain any virus, bug or technical defect that would corrupt or otherwise affect the security, integrity or operation of the Website or any other PictureTheWorld website.
    • You (i) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and to bear all charges and other cost you may incur in connection with your preparation or submission of your Photo, (ii) unconditionally and irrevocably assign and transfer to PictureTheWorld any and all rights which you now or may in the future have to the Photo, including, but not limited to, the copyright and moral rights therein, in any medium whatsoever and (iii) unconditionally and irrevocably release PictureTheWorld and its affiliates from any and all liability, claims or damages resulting from and/or relating to any failure to receive any submission and any use of, or failure to use, the Photo and/or the Mosaic.
  • This is not a subscription service and therefore by donating you agree that you understand that you are not buying any added privilege or product from PictureTheWorld.
  • The PictureTheWorld PayPal account is in the name of the fiscal sponsor of PictureTheWorld, Cultural Media Services, Inc.
  • 10% of each donation will be directed towards Cultural Media Services, Inc., the fiscal sponsor.
  • 2.2% + $.30 of each donation will be directed towards PayPal for each transaction using PayPal.
  • All remaining donations after the compensations mentioned in points 9 and 10 will only be used to support PictureTheWorld’s direct expenses and its beneficiaries. The Project’s personnel will not claim any funds for personal gain.
  • The Executive Director of PictureTheWorld is responsible for utilizing the funds donated as he sees fit within the terms of point 4 highlighted above.
  • Once a donation is made, PictureTheWorld, Cultural Media Services, Inc. and their agents, affiliates or designated third parties will offer NO refund.